Saturday, July 24, 2010

PNWA Saturday

Interesting day at the Conference yesterday. Short stories may soon be experiencing a resurgence in the publication business. Credit this one to the rise of ebooks and POD that make compiling and formatting this genre easier. Advice from the panelists was to enter contests and start compiling an anthology if this is an area you're interested in writing to.

The Weird Report.

In addition to the woman wearing the stuffed parrot and feathers glued to an oversized straw hat and sporting a rainbow skirt, a man wearing a lime green velveteen cape was prowling about the environs yesterday. Balding (looking a bit like Friar Tuck with the tonsure) and a scraggly beard, he was a sight to behold. If I were an agent, I would have put out my "Out to Lunch" sign if he approached my table.

A group of us went to dinner in Seattle last night - The Flying Fish. Why is it that the smaller the portions, the larger the pricetag???

Tonight is the literary competition awards dinner and I'm excited! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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