Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hi from Joy

Hi, my name is Joy Collins and in addition to being part owner of Chalet Publishers, I am also a writer. I am a nurse by education and I started out by writing medical articles for the public. But fiction has always been my love.
I published my first novel SECOND CHANCE in 2007 and my second novel COMING TOGETHER in 2009 which Joyce Norman and I co-wrote. I am now working on my third, a paranormal/spiritual romance WINGS OF MY OWN. It will be out later this year.
I have several blogs as well as a web site.
Joyce and I had a vision when we started Chalet. First, we wanted to publish our book our way. Then we knew we wanted to give other authors the kind of treatment that we wanted for ourselves - an understanding that only another author can give. We know how much these literary babies mean to us.
So, we started Chalet and we have been lucky and blessed to have found so many wonderful authors. In just a short period of time we have grown into a true family with more members coming on board every day.
We are very excited about Chalet's future.

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