Saturday, April 10, 2010

Judith Marrs

I'm what some would call a late bloomer, starting to college after having five kids and getting preggo with the sixth the year I graduated. Our lives have been happy, but April 28, 2007, my husband lost his battle with cancer, and that was the day the music died. He was the leader of the band...a professional musician and my soulmate. I have several books written that only my hard drive and closest friends have read, but now Chalet is taking a wild chance on me. Why, I have no idea, but I thank them. I have been a journalist for many years, too busy with that to promote my own work, but now here I am. I'm an okay writer but critical of myself to the point of wondering how I ever thought someone would want to keep reading after the first paragraph. My favorite book (I wrote) is "Mike and Sadie Mae" because it's as crazy as I am and written in memory of my best friend that died of AIDS. But if "Snakecharmer" charms the reader, that's okay with me. I started writing it on a typewriter, so it took forever, but by a miracle from the maker of stars, I found a computer for $100 and thought I had died and flown to Heaven. I assumed that if God could make stars, surely he could find me a computer for $100. He did. My Italian roots have made me a chef of authentic Italian cuisine. My goal is making it financially from month to month with half an income since the main breadwinner has left the building. That reminds me, Elvis' Aunt Lurlene Pritchett married my husband and me in a double-wide trailer the King bought her on some land where she preached many a sermon. This has been an exciting life, full of surprises, some good some bad, but they reminded me that I could still feel. I'm alive and ready to share my words even if they aren't worth the paper they are printed on. I salute all writers, especially struggling ones. You have my utmost respect. Single parents, I pray for you daily. (I hope this wasn't too long.)  Favorite authors: Anne Lamott, Hunter S. Thompson, Rick Bragg, Victor Villesenor, Jeffrey Marriotte, Wayne Dyer, Frank McCourt, Willie Morris, Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer among many others.

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  1. Judith, I, again, welcome you to the family of Chalet Publishers! You fit here just perfectly! Am anxious to see your book released!
    You didn't write too much. Just right.Now I fee I know you a lot better!