Thursday, April 8, 2010

T.K. Thorne, "mother" of NOAH'S WIFE

Hello everyone! I'm Teresa, writing as T.K. Glad to be joining you. I am proud to be an author at Chalet and to make new friends with people who share my passion for story telling. There's lots of info on me at my web site, probably more than you want to know. :-) My debut novel/baby, NOAH'S WIFE, is doing well and is a 30+ year dream come true for me (Thank you Chalet!). You can read the first chapter on my site and I also have a video trailer which I will share below. I blog at when something moves me.

I'm looking forward to being part of our community. This was a great idea.

Video trailer for Noah's Wife

T.K. Thorne blog


  1. T,you should have used a BIGGER picture!So glad to have you on this site. When you get a chance, tell our other authors about your next novel and the big trip in the fall.

    Glad you're here!

  2. Finally figured out how to edit the blog and "fix" that photo! In case other have the issue, Sign in and there should be a list of your blogs...maybe. If so, check Edit (duh).

  3. Saw on Amazon today right next to "Noah's Wife" was "The Help", recommended by Amazon as a book to buy with NW. That's great and congratulations to Teresa and to NW. Good books, like cream, just sort of make their own way to the top!

    Chalet is busting buttons!

  4. Enjoyed your book signing at the Leeds Jane Culbreath Library on Friday (July 16)! Thanks for attending our book club meeting, too. We all love Noah's Wife. Have a great trip this fall!